Fr. Justin Lokey, Rector

Faith Church is on the move.  Made up of families from Fairview and in surrounding communities, we’re committed to growing disciples and serving others.  This means we are lifelong learners of the Scriptures, the person and work of Jesus Christ, and the love of God. It also means that in our lives we exemplify the character of the Church, being ready and available to serve those around us.

We are excited to take the next step of faith in our history.  We see progress of building on our land as movement to our goal of being a church of impact and influence in Fairview and the surrounding communities.  Our first building, and all subsequent buildings, will be a springboard for us as we establish a place to call home and use it as a tool for mission. We will launch from this springboard into the needs of the community, leveraging our building as a place to practice hospitality, a hub of neighborly interaction, and a resource to further the reconciling reach of the Christian Church into places near and far. 



Jim Ballestro, Chair, Building Finance Committee

The Master Building Plan is a Journey in Faith.  Over the past 20 years, Faith Church has worshiped in schools, in our own building, in other church buildings, neighborhood parks, and in parishioners homes.  

At each step along this journey, God has provided an abundance of resources and answers to prayer. We’ve seen closed doors opened, impossible obstacles moved, timelines line up and financial needs miraculously met. Throughout the journey's steps, lives continue to be changed, and communities impacted in Fairview, Allen, McKinney, the Dallas area, and the world. 

The Master Building Plan is part of our next journey.  Three acres of property in Fairview along with the three structures are the basics of the plan, but are really much more of God's plan for us to experience another faith journey.  We will be challenged along this journey to pray for our finances and for favor of those who may provide financing. We seek Him in prayer as we continue this journey for this first building.

The Lord has many things in store for Faith Church and we have the privilege of serving a faithful God.  Join us as we step out into this next Journey in Faith. 



2014 - Land Purchase
2018 - Land Loan Paid
2018 - Building 1 Campaign
2019 - Building 1 Construction
2020+ Future Phases